Bininj Kunwok

Bininj (‘people’) Kunwok (‘language’) is a name used for a chain of six mutually-intelligible dialects which stretch from Kakadu National Park across West Arnhem Land in the Top End of the Northern Territory. Kunwinjku is the most widely-used variety of Bininj Kunwok, and is mostly spoken around the town of Gunbalanya, while other varieties (Kuninjku, Kundjeyhmi, Kundedjnjenghmi, Kune and Mayali) are spoken across the region. Note: Bininj Kunwok (Kunwinjku) was, up until recently, taught through Charles Darwin University (see here for additional information.) It is not currently available but hopefully will be again at some point in the future.

Number of people in Australia who speak an Australian Indigenous language at home: 61,798 (ABS Census Data, 2011)

Language Category: Australian Indigenous Languages

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