Languages offered in Australian universities include very widely-taught and popular languages, as well as languages which are less widely taught. Languages may be available to study as majors, minors, or individual elective subjects; as courses offered over the semester or as intensive courses; and face-to-face and/or online.

The languages which are currently offered at Australian universities are listed on the right-hand side of this page (desktop version) or at the very bottom of the page (mobile version). Click on a language or a language category to find out more; and see our FAQ page if you have any questions.

Information for Secondary School students

If you are already studying a language at secondary school, that's fantastic! There are lots of reasons to keep going with languages (see our Why study languages? page).

If you would like to know whether the language you are studying at school is offered at university level, check the list below.

Languages offered at Year 12 Level in Australia

(note that actual languages offered at Year 12 vary by state)

"Yes" means that language is also offered at an Australian university. Clicking on the link will tell you more about the language and where it is offered.